Snoring Treatment

Learn How To Stop Snoring, visit our office in Lodi close to Galt and StocktonGetting good sleep is important for you and your loved ones to enjoy optimum health.

Is your snoring causing problems? Maybe your sleep partner is complaining. Or maybe you yourself are having some problems because you are snoring.

If you have already had a sleep test and would like our help in how to stop snoring, we might be able to give you some relief. Your sleep, and your partner’s sleep, may be much quieter and more peaceful if we can give you some ideas on how to stop snoring.  Let us answer your questions, call or visit our office in Lodi, near Galt and Stockton.

Our general dentistry office recommends a snoring mouthpiece to our patients who ask us ‘how to stop snoring.’ What is a snoring mouthpiece and what method does it use to solve how to stop snoring?

A snoring mouthpiece looks and feels something like a mouth-guard that athletes wear. It is custom fit for your mouth so it is comfortable. The reason this snoring mouthpiece is a solution for how to stop snoring is the snoring mouthpiece adjusts your jaw slightly and opens the airway. With the airway opened, the vibrations known as snoring are relieved. No vibrations mean no snoring.

Advantages to Using a Snoring Mouthpiece

  • A snoring mouthpiece is small and non-bulky.
  • A snoring mouthpiece is portable — you can put it in your backpack, briefcase or handbag if you need to take it with you if you are going out of town.
  • A snoring mouthpiece does not require any batteries or electricity or a power source of any kind.
  • A snoring mouthpiece is safe.
  • A snoring mouthpiece is effective.
  • Using a snoring mouthpiece can dramatically improve your sleep and that of your sleep partner.

If you are looking for a way on how to stop snoring and would like some relief, call our cosmetic dentist office in Lodi, near Stockton and Galt today!