What Our Patients Say

My experience is always #1 with Dr Neal and his team. His wife Beth is always so cheerful and helpful too. They always make sure I’m 100% satisfied with the work they’ve done and recently I had Veneers put on and I’ve never had so many compliments about my smile and my teeth. I’m so excited Dr Neal told me about this and the lab he works with is amazing!!! I highly recommend Dr Neal for all your oral/ dental care.

Janie H.

Just want to say WOW, my teeth feel and look so great, far better than i expected. I am so thankful for the work that was done for me, I can’t thank you enough.

Troy M.

I have a confession to make: I had my doubts at first about being a patient of Dr. David Neal. David’s father, Dr. Richard Neal, had been my dentist since I was in fifth grade. I did not take good care of my teeth and had never seen a dentist before my first visit to see him. He fixed the problems that I had created and made the pain go away. He always made me laugh and put me at ease. I considered him to be the best dentist in Lodi.

After almost three decades of having Richard take care of my teeth, I found out that he would no longer be my dentist because he was retiring. His son David would be my new dentist. I had met David on the baseball field about twenty years earlier. I was an assistant coach on the little league team that he was playing for. I knew that he could field. I knew that he could hit. I knew that he was a great kid, but could he deliver quality dental care like his father? I read about him in the newspaper being the top tennis player on the Lodi High tennis team, but how was he at filling a cavity?

David has been my dentist and the dentist for my wife and two children since the early 1990’s. My mother in law started seeing David too. She had serious dental issues caused by her fear of dentists. David and his staff fixed her problems and helped her overcome her fear of dentists. David’s dad would be very proud of the work that David does and the dental practice that he has built. He has surrounded himself with a staff that is second to none. Whether he is filling a cavity or putting a crown on one of my teeth, he does it in a way that puts me at ease and always makes me happy with the dental work that he has performed. I am convinced that he has taken over the title of ‘Best Dentist in Lodi.’ My family has been blessed to have David in our lives. I was double blessed because I was cared for by both of them.

Robert S.

After decades of neglect and dental phobias, I finally found a Dentist in Dr. Kahn who understood me, and had the vision and great skills to transform what was an embarrassment into something I am now quite proud off. His gentle, reassuring, and informative style enabled me to make a commitment, one that I have not regretted. I feel that Dr. Kahn has given me much more than a beautiful set of teeth; his remarkable skills have improved my self-confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Kahn to all who are looking for a “life-time” Dentist.

Dave R.

I’ve always had a fear of the dentist in the past and 10 years ago I started coming to Dr. Neal and everything changed. He is so gentle, kind and he explains everything that has to be done and why. Now my appointments are with out fear and I can relax while my teeth are being cleaned by Brittainy, she’s good.

Dr. Neal and all the staff are welcoming and always makes me feel comfortable. Now a trip to the dentist office is ok with me. I highly recommend Dr. Neal .

Sally B.

I am almost 75 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Neal’s for the past fifteen years. I had almost no dental attention when young because my parents were so poor they couldn’t pay attention. I had several teeth pulled by the 8th grade and had a partial (bridge) by that time. Didn’t get reasonable dental care until my stint in the Navy during the Vietnam era.

Several dentists since then, San Diego, San Francisco, Stockton, and finally in Lodi with Dr. Neal and his dental staff. Prior to Dr. Neal’s practice, I had numerous caps, fillings, and dental partials that over time, all failed. This cost me thousands of dollars in personal finances as well as significant charges against my dental insurance. Over the past 15 years Dr. Neal has replaced all of my old, failing caps, replaced partial dentures with 2 permanent bridges, and a lower partial. Too, the permanent bridges have greatly improved my smile. Importantly, none of the work performed by Dr. Neal has failed during the last 15 years!

With the ongoing preventive hygiene (dental prophylaxis) and regular dental exams performed by Dr. Neal and dental hygienist Coree, I have had no dental problems for many years. Their caring professionalism has saved me big dollars over the long run and improved my dental health and quality of life.

Gary M.

“Several years ago there was a faint dark line going across my front teeth and one of my front teeth was thinner than the other, causing that thinner tooth to look somewhat brown in photographs. I didn’t think I was that vain, but I was becoming more self-conscious about smiling. My dentist at the time suggested veneers and recommended Dr. Neal.

I met with him and agreed to have him put veneers on my 4 upper teeth. I wanted a natural look and was paranoid about having big, too white, “Hollywood teeth”. He assured me that he didn’t do that kind of dentistry and I agreed to have the veneers. It helped to have a friend who had also been to him and loved what he did with her teeth.

I was very nervous, but Dr. Neal was wonderful about explaining what he was doing the entire time. I am completely ecstatic about the finished product, and am back to smiling, without self-consciousness. I stayed with his office because he had hygienists who spent an hour cleaning my “investment”, and have had no regrets. My hygienist is Corey, but the entire staff is very kind, helpful, and professional. I’m there to stay.Thanks, Dr. Neal.”


“I have had a few dentist in my years and all of them likable but still something was missing. I like to have options presented in my overall health care and be a part of the decision process for improving my health.

My first appointment with Dr. Neal’s office was in December 2005. I have to admit that first appointment was a tad overwhelming, with x-rays, exam and photographs of the exterior and interior of my mouth, teeth, and gums. The result, however, definitely met my highest expectations.

Dr. Neal’s office provided a complete and comprehensive evaluation of my overall oral health. He looked at the age and condition of dental work that had been completed in previous years and made recommendations as to what might be replaced or improved. He provided options to replace the tooth extracted several years earlier. He gave me a cost breakdown and provided some advice as to the priority of each area of need. Boy, did I have a list to tackle. (I had suspected as much)

With in just a year, great improvement in my overall oral health was accomplished. I was able to work within my own financial budget, adjusting my insurance through work and managing out of pocket expenses to complete each area of need noted in my personal evaluation within just a couple more years.

Dental hygienists Coree and Beth have been very instrumental in maintaining my greatly improved oral health. My husband and kids are now patients here as well. Each of us is receiving the same great care.

I have recommended Dr. Neal’s office to all of my family, friends and co-workers. He has an excellent staff and consultative practice that I value tremendously.

Thank You Dr. Neal and Staff!”
Christine L

” About 5 years ago I looked at my teeth in the mirror….I have always smiled without ever worrying about what I was showing as I did it. I have always believed that smiling was the most friendly reaction….Well, that day I smiled at myself in front of the mirror and I realized that my upper front teeth were dull, ugly!!!…Each one had a different color, no longer a white healthy shade. I spoke with Dr. David Neal, my dentist for many years and he suggested a whiting procedure…Auch!..Too painful! My mouth could not endure the pain. Dr. Neal also suggested to straighten my lower teeth which were beginning to overlap with each other and eventually to change my upper teeth (6 of them) with “Veneers”. After a couple of weeks of reflection I decided to follow his advice and I started the first phase of the entire procedure: the Invisalign Clear Braces. A year later, one day, I sat for 6 hours in one of Dr. Neal’s dental chairs under a spot light and with several little breaks in between and a minimum discomfort…..the whole procedure came to an end and after a mirror was placed in front of my mouth….I could not believe what I was seeing….a straight line of perfect white teeth (the shade which I had selected) was right there in front of me!

From that moment until today, I thank Dr. Neal for his suggestion and his job well done and also his Staff for having assisted me during the entire procedure including the different phases of the Invisalign Braces and the preparation for the final step, i.e.: my new “Veneer smile”! Thank you again Dr. Neal and Staff.”

Beth V.

“My family and I have been patients of Dr.Neal and staff for over a decade! They have taken excellent care of my children’s teeth through emergency care down to preventative care! Dr Neal and the staff iarr very friendly and treat you like part of the family. I would highly recommend Dr Neal and his staff to patients of all ages! Thank you for all of our beautiful smiles!!!”
-Lisa C.

“I can’t stop grinning and I’m loving ALL the compliments on my terrific smile, anyone even considering Smile Design can trust Dr. Neal to do it right!”


“With the prospect of losing a major portion of my teeth in the coming years and being embarrassed when I smiled, I felt hopeless.  After a consultation with Dr. Neal, a plan that not only prevents the prospect of my losing more teeth, but also that I could afford was established.  I followed the plan and today I have a smile and bite I am proud of.

Thank you Dr. Neal and your wonderful proffessional staff.”

-Terry G.

“Get a load of my smile!  Thanks to Dr. Neal I centainly don’t look old enough to be a grandmother.  I am smiling in every picture, big and bright!  I never would have done that if it wasn’t for you ALL!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Dr. David Neal:
1. He’s Positive, Confident, and Caring!
2. He has a kind heart and works with you for your best interest!
3. You can feel his positive energy and tell he enjoys what he’s doing!
4. He approaches a problem with, “We can do this!”
5. He is amazing in how he can fix anything that needs dentistry care!
6. He’s not perplexed about a problem but is decisive and knows exactly what to do to fix it!
7. He doesn’t waste time, but gets right on the problem and finishes it with expertise, but does it with a knowledgeable and gentle touch: he has a magical touch all his own!
8. And his wife, Beth, is a jewel! Definitely compliments her dentist husband! She is incredible in every way, and is so kind and caring! They are a perfect couple who both care about people!

I am so thankful God led me to them! Great people who are first class in their knowledge and training, talented, efficient, and top of the line in every way!

I’ve never met a dentist like him! He is the BEST!

Joy H.