Oral Care and General Dentistry for Lodi

Our General Dentistry leads to good Dental Hygiene and Oral Health. See what we can do for you in our Lodi office close to Galt and StocktonAt the Lodi Dentist, Dr. Neal, Dr. Hittle and our caring, well-trained team want to give you and your loved ones great oral health care and beautiful smiles. They welcome you to their comfortable restorative dentistry office, in Lodi near Galt and Stockton,  where they offer a variety of general dentistry treatments and procedures that focus on dental hygiene and keeping your mouth healthy, that can give you the dental care you want for you and your loved ones.

Some of the general dentistry procedures they offer are:

  • Comprehensive General Dentistry Exams — During general dentistry exams, they will give you an exam that will show us what treatment you may need. They want to share with you all the information they gather and then will partner with you to make the decisions needed to make sure your oral health is all it should be.
  • Dental Hygiene — They give you cleanings and a variety of other general dentistry treatments to make sure your dental hygiene and oral health are at their best.
  • Keep your teeth strong with good dental hygiene, come to our office in Lodi near Stockton and Galt for our General Dentistry servicesDental Fillings — They offer tooth-colored, non-metal fillings, a healthier, more attractive choice that can help secure your oral health to its best. Today’s general dentistry procedures help encourage oral health and dental hygiene more than ever.
  • Dental Sealants — Dental sealants are a fabulous general dentistry treatment that can reduce the possibility of getting cavities, especially used with children. The sealant is painted onto the teeth, most often the back teeth, that seals the teeth to prevent bacteria from entering the small crevices that are most prone to get cavities. This encourages dental hygiene for children who have a hard time getting those back teeth clean and cavity free.
  • Dental Hygiene Instruction — It’s a lot easier to maintain proper oral health if you know the best practices to achieve this. They can help you understand all you need to know to keep your mouth and teeth fresh and healthy. This is also a lot easier than getting a tooth crown or tooth bridge.

For a general dentistry practice with a caring team who want your oral health great and your smile fabulous, call today and come into our Lodi office serving the Stockton and Galt areas!