Dental Veneers

Our dentistry team is dedicated to helping our patients attain their most radiant, vibrant smiles. Cosmetic dental procedures are some of the most common procedures patients turn to to get visible results.

One of the best and most affordable ways to get a dazzling smile is to use dental veneers. With dental veneers, you not only achieve beautiful uniformity and color—you also strengthen and protect your teeth. If you have chipped or stained teeth preventing you from getting your perfect smile, or if you want to enhance the smile you already have, dental veneers could be the solution for you!


Our office offers a specific type of dental veneers known as Lumineers. Our Lumineers are fitted uniquely to each patient, designed to imitate the sheen and look of natural teeth so that you and those around you will be entirely unaware of any cosmetic alterations to your teeth.

Lumineers are particularly useful for those patients who prefer not to remove much of the natural tooth structure. Lumineers are incredibly thin, requiring minimal preparation of existing teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

Our Lumineers can correct many dental imperfections or inconsistencies including:

  • Correct broken, chipped, or cracked teeth: Dental veneers cover up and fill in any surface level imperfections.
  • Improved size and shape of teeth: Dental veneers correct any issues with the shape and size of your teeth, as well as enhance their physical appearance.
  • Improved functionality: By preserving the shape of your teeth, dental veneers enable your teeth to function how they are supposed to—allowing you to speak and eat with ease.

Our dentists are skilled at applying dental veneers. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our office! Call today to set up an appointment for a consultation about Lumineers. We look forward to helping you achieve your most dazzling smile yet!